Many sides to every story

Last month when I was in my parents’ home, my wife discussed to my parents about one my blogs, 我的老师们(中小学篇). In the blog, I reviewed whole my primary school life. Being that I was a teenager at the time the stories took place, I worried my stories would not match theirs. Surprisingly, my father looked at me and said, “I was enjoyed in the stories. They were organized in a good way and interesting.” That moment, my father and mother recalled several other my stories, and, unfortunately, the stories they recalled were very different from my memories.

After coming back to Davis, I discussed this phenomenon to my friends one day. One of my friends said: there are three sides to every story. Your, their, and the truth. I thought I knew where he was going with this so I was shaking my head in agreement. Indeed, your stories are from the memories of your life. When we face things in our lives, we each created with our own feelings and we approach them differently due to the humanity we have. The events are recalled based on the owner’s hearts and emotions.

As I am being a PI, I bethink of the laboratory management. Perhaps, one of the most important things is to lend an ear to the member.

Academy Lane, Davis, CA