2022 Group Meeting Schedule - Sunday at 7pm

Spring quarter

Reporter & Topic
Feb. 13 Sheng Liang Warming up
Feb. 20 Sheng Liang Xiaoxiao Wang: Leaf rolling vs plant dehydration.
Feb. 27 Jinfang Zhao Jinfang Zhao: Research proposal
Mar. 06 Yadi Fan Kangkang Zheng: The concept and representation method of light energy utilization efficiency
Mar. 13 Meng Tian Tingting Du: Leaf vein traits and measurements.
Kangkang Zheng: Soil chemical inside & outside of the chambers
Mar. 20 Kangkang Zheng Jinfang Zhao: Literature review topic and schedule
Ya Zhang: Literature review topic and schedule
Yadi Fan: What is early vigor?
Mar. 27 Ya Zhang Jiahuan Liu: High temperature and crop photosynthesis
Xiaoxiao Wang: Drought responses of leaf rolling in rice
Sheng Liang: The energy budget of leaves
Junzhou Liu: Maize hydraulics: varieties and climate
Apr. 03 Sheng Liang Ya Zhang: Root growth dynamics and biomass allocation
Jiahuan Liu: Aquaporins and temperature responses
Junzhou Liu: Minimum leaf conductance and how to measure it
Apr. 10 Jiinfang Zhao Tingting Du: Inside of leaf veination
Kangkang Zheng: gain quality inside and outside chambers
Apr. 17 Yadi Fan Jinfang Zhao: What does Vcmax mean to you and me?
Yadi Fan: Growth model & early vigor
Junzhou Liu: Temperature responses of minimum leaf conductance and why it is important
Apr. 24 Meng Tian Tingting Du: Efficiency of water transport across vein
Kangkang Zheng: Methods for measuring and estimating the efficiency of light energy utilization
Sheng Liang: Pre-experimental measurement results
Qiaoyun Zhang: Cellular respiration in plant
May. 08 Kangkang Zheng Jiahuan Liu: Leaf anatomy vs temperature responses
Xiaoxiao Wang: Leaf rolling degree quantification
Sheng Liang: Blade energy exchange vs temperature
Junzhou Liu: What determines the value of minimum leaf conductance? The thickness or the composition of wax?
May. 15 Ya Zhang Ya Zhang: N uptake at the early stage
Jiahuan Liu: Aquaporins and germination
Xiaoxiao Wang: Leaf rolling vs leaf physiology
Jinfang Zhao: Vcmax estimation and meaning?
May. 22 Sheng Liang Tingting Du: Water transport between two veins
Qiaoyun Zhang: Plant respiration measurement and models
Yadi Fan: The effect of early vigor on plant growth
May.29 Jinfang Zhao Jiahuan Liu: Temperature responses vs aquaporins
Xiaoxiao Wang: Types of leaf rolling
Jinfang Zhao: Vcmax in rice group
Jun. 05 Yadi Fan Xiaoxiao Wang: Leaf rolling vs dehydration?
Sheng Liang: Leaf-ambient energy exchange and its regulation
Junzhou Liu: Outlook of minimum leaf conductance
Jun. 12 Meng Tian Ya Zhang: Root establish
Jiahuan Liu: Isotope labelling techniques application
Tingting Du: Species difference in water transport efficiency
Kangkang Zheng: Factors affecting the efficiency of light energy utilization
Jun. 19 Kangkang Zheng Ya Zhang: Assimilate distribution to root system
Jiahuan Liu: Heat response of photosytnhesis
Xiaoxiao Wang: Leaf rolling and leaf ecophysiology
Jinfang Zhao: Sharing of experimental data and result analysis
Jun. 26 Ya Zhang Tingting Du: Influence of leaf vein character on water transport
Sheng Liang: Relationship between blade temperature and ambient temperature under different conditions
Qiaoyun Zhang: Plant day and dark respiration
Yadi Fan: The potential rason of early vigor difference between cultivars

2021 Club Journal Schedule - Thursday at 4pm (A316) 

Spring quarter

May 02 Campany et al.,, 2021 Leaf water relations in epiphytic ferns are driven by drought avoidance rather than tolerance mechanisms. Plant Cell & Environment
Apr. 25 Salvi et al.,, 2021 Mesophyll photosynthetic sensitivity to leaf water potential in Eucalyptus: a new dimension of plant adaptation to native moisture supply. New Phytologist
Apr. 18 Slot et al.,, 2021 Photosynthetic plasticity of a tropical tree species, Tabebuia rosea, in response to elevated temperature and [CO_2]. Plant Cell & Environment
Apr. 09 Scafaro et al., 2021. Responses of leaf respiration to heatwaves. Plant Cell & Environment XX: XX-XX
Apr. 02 Gimeno et al., 2021. Whole‐tree mesophyll conductance reconciles isotopic and gas‐exchange estimates of water‐use efficiency. New Phytologist
Mar. 26 Lugli et al., 2021. Rapid responses of root traits and productivity to phosphorus and cation additions in a tropical lowland forest in Amazonia. New Phytologist
Mar. 19 Muir CD. 2018. Light and growth form interact to shape stomatal ratio among British angiosperms. New Phytologist. 218: 242–252.
Mar. 12 McAdam & Brodribb TJ. 2012. Stomatal innovation and the rise of seed plants. Ecol Lett 15: 1–8.
Mar. 07 Faralli & Lawson 2020. Natural genetic variation in photosynthesis: an untapped resource to increase crop yield potential? Plant J 101: 518–528.

Journals list 

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