2021 Club Journal Schedule - Thursday at 4pm (A316) 

Spring quarter

May 02 Campany et al.,, 2021 Leaf water relations in epiphytic ferns are driven by drought avoidance rather than tolerance mechanisms. Plant Cell & Environment
Apr. 25 Salvi et al.,, 2021 Mesophyll photosynthetic sensitivity to leaf water potential in Eucalyptus: a new dimension of plant adaptation to native moisture supply. New Phytologist
Apr. 18 Slot et al.,, 2021 Photosynthetic plasticity of a tropical tree species, Tabebuia rosea, in response to elevated temperature and [CO_2]. Plant Cell & Environment
Apr. 09 Scafaro et al., 2021. Responses of leaf respiration to heatwaves. Plant Cell & Environment XX: XX-XX
Apr. 02 Gimeno et al., 2021. Whole‐tree mesophyll conductance reconciles isotopic and gas‐exchange estimates of water‐use efficiency. New Phytologist
Mar. 26 Lugli et al., 2021. Rapid responses of root traits and productivity to phosphorus and cation additions in a tropical lowland forest in Amazonia. New Phytologist
Mar. 19 Muir CD. 2018. Light and growth form interact to shape stomatal ratio among British angiosperms. New Phytologist. 218: 242–252.
Mar. 12 McAdam & Brodribb TJ. 2012. Stomatal innovation and the rise of seed plants. Ecol Lett 15: 1–8.
Mar. 07 Faralli & Lawson 2020. Natural genetic variation in photosynthesis: an untapped resource to increase crop yield potential? Plant J 101: 518–528.

Journals list 

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